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We are a group of highly-dedicated, professional dog trainers, committed to the highest standards of dog obedience training and professional conduct. We offer an exclusive, proven dog training program that always begins in your dog’s home environment, free of distractions, before progressing to a public setting where dogs learn to respond reliably to commands no matter the distraction.

Collectively, we have helped tens of thousands of dogs live happy, balanced lives with their families. We can help your dog, too. Even if you’ve been told by another trainer that your dog is beyond hope (a story we hear all too often), don’t give up. Change is possible!

Our goal is to set you and your dog up for success that lasts a lifetime, which means owner involvement is a must. That’s right—we don’t just teach your dog; we teach you, too! You’ll learn everything you need to know in order to feel confident handling your dog in any situation.Use our directory to find a dog trainer.


Dog Training: How was Canine Trade Group Formed?

The Canine Trade Group dog training program was designed by dog trainer expert John Van Olden, who has cultivated a lifetime love of dogs. He began as a military police dog trainer/handler, and even after retirement, he knew he wanted to continue working with man’s best friend. He went on to develop K-9 Advantage, the first franchise in the country featuring dog trainers, and he co-founded PAWSitive Solutions, a highly-successful west coast training company.

Soon enough, Canine Trade Group was born. He knew there was a need for consistent, reliable, and effective dog training in every city and in every state throughout the country—even beyond! Canine Trade Group’s reward-based training program culminates nearly thirty years of John’s dog training expertise, which he has passed on to each and every one of his trainers. And all of those trainers are certified, connected, and easy for clients to find thanks to the creation of Canine Trade Group!

Tampa Dog Trainer

Canine Trade Group member Victoria Parker of Tampa-based Bayshore Dog Training.



Here are some helpful crate training tips!


How to teach your dog not to pull on the leash!


We use place for impulse control!

Dog Training Locations

How are Canine Trade Group Trainers Chosen?

How are Canine trade Group In-home dog trainers chosen?

All Canine Trade Group dog trainers are passionate, hard-working people who found their niche helping fellow dog lovers better communicate with their pets. We all know the strain and frustration that comes with miscommunication in any relationship, let alone with the animal that’s supposed to be man’s best friend!

Before receiving certification, and thus inclusion in the CTG network, trainers must undergo a rigorous selection process and complete an intense course of study regardless of their prior training background and experience. This course involves an extensive amount of bookwork on the scientific principles of canine learning theory and dog training, as well as an in-residence, hands-on dog training component. This is achieved by working with rescue dogs labeled “unadoptable” due to behavioral issues and with families whose dogs have behavior problems that put them at serious risk for surrender, or worse.

The ultimate goal is to have a CTG certified trainer available to every single dog owner in the country. This means choosing and educating the right people in each state to become trainers that we’re proud to have as a part of the Canine Trade Group network. Each trainer has been offered the same support and opportunities, each trainer can be held to the same high standard, and each dog owner will know exactly what to expect from any Canine Trade Group Trainer regardless of location.

While each trainer owns their own business outright, being a part of the network does hold them accountable—ensuring that every client receives the absolute best effort from their CTG trainer.

And as for all of those difficult and unadoptable dogs our trainers in training have handled during their field experience? We’re happy to report that every single one has responded beautifully to our methods with drastic improvement being seen in as little as one hour.

Imagine what our fully-certified trainers could do for your dog!


Dog Training Methods: What Makes CTG’s Dog Obedience and Dog Bootcamp Style so Special?


All of our canine friends need consistency and dedication to succeed, and our trainers are committed. They’ll study your dog to learn the root cause of the behavioral problems that are causing you—and them—distress. Did you know that anxiety often manifests itself as aggression? Or that too much freedom can actually cause dogs extra stress? Did you know that excessive chewing can be an indication of boredom?

Our trainers understand the way a dog’s mind works. Much as we dog lovers hate to admit it, they don’t always think or react the same way we do. When a dog lashes out or demonstrates some type of bad behavior, owners often have a hard time making sense of it. Communication breaks down, and eventually the relationship begins to break down.

A Canine Trade Group trainer can put things right by creating a training regimen designed to fit your dog’s needs as well as your family’s lifestyle and schedule. This personalized program will teach you how to fully understand your pet’s needs and how to communicate effectively with them once again—or perhaps for the first time. This one-of-a-kind plan is the key to achieving that dedication and consistency that will ensure your dog’s success.

Collectively, we have helped tens of thousands of dogs live happy, balanced lives with their families. We can help your dog, too. Even if you’ve been told by another trainer that your dog is beyond hope (a story we hear all too often), don’t give up. Change is possible!

Families across the country are seeing results. When you choose a Canine Trade Group trainer, you know you’re doing business with a trainer whose techniques will never go stale, who will stay up to date on the latest training methods even after they become certified. Every one of our trainers is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, ensuring they have access to ongoing education materials in their field.

It’s easy to see why veterinarians continually endorse and recommend our trainers.


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What Types of Behavioral Issues Can CTG Trainers Assist With?

No problem is too big or too small. What bothers one owner may not bother another. Consequently, none of our trainers believe in a one-size-fits-all training method. No two dogs are alike, and each dog/owner relationship is special. With a Canine Trade Group trainer, you’ll get results, respect, and a professional who doesn’t quit.

Rest assured that no Canine Trade Group trainer will turn down a dog due to age, size, breed, or level of aggression. Let us reiterate that no dog is beyond help.

Common problems our trainers see include:

  • various types of aggression
  • anxiety
  • leash reactivity
  • poor recall
  • lack of basic obedience skills
  • housebreaking
  • sibling rivalry (pets and children)
  • territorial behavior
  • excessive behaviors (digging, chewing, scratching)

Our dog trainers utilize efficient and effective reward-based training techniques to train these dogs in as little time as possible—so our clients can begin to enjoy the relationship they have with their dog and our trainers can help as many families as possible.


Dog Obedience Programs Offered

You’ll find that each of our trainers offers programs designed specifically to target common problems. Each affiliate website will have additional information about puppy training programs, aggressive dog training programs, and general in-home training programs. Many of our trainers also offer a special Cribs & Canines program to help introduce a dog to the idea of a new baby, and some even offer group training courses for those dogs that may only require basic obedience lessons.

It’s a requirement that Canine Trade Group trainers make themselves available to clients until the job is done, and the job isn’t done until all the goals laid out by the client during the initial in-home consultation have been met. But don’t worry—our trainers don’t charge by the hour or day; they charge by the job. Canine Trade Group has revolutionized the dog training industry once more by taking the guesswork out of how much it will cost to achieve the goal of a well-behaved dog.

Dog Training Near Me: Don’t Wait!

All it takes is a single phone call to one of our qualified trainers. Chances are, there is one in your area. That trainer will come to your home, observe your dog’s behavior, speak with you and anyone else involved in caring for your dog, and create a training plan just for you. We’ll discuss the cost—which will be one flat fee with no surprise extras—and, pending your approval of the training approach, you’ll be on your way to enjoying life with your pet once more!

Don’t trust your dog and your household’s happiness to just any trainer. Canine Trade Group has the best available right here at your fingertips.

To find a certified Canine Trade Group trainer near you, browse the list on our website, send us an e-mail through our contact form, or give us a call at 800.649.7297. Set up a consultation and solve your pet problems today.

Become a Certified Dog Trainer

If you’re feeling inspired to join in the fun and learn about canine behavior, we’d love to hear from you! You may be exactly what our team is missing.

After reading through all the information on the website, you probably have a good idea of whether or not joining Canine Trade Group’s team of dog trainers would be a good fit for you. 

To learn more about the process and to fill out a short application, visit our Become a Dog Trainer page.



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