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Hire Dog Trainer!

Become a Dog Trainer

Become a Dog Trainer

If you have ever thought about becoming a professional dog trainer and improving the lives of dogs and their people, Canine Trade Group may be the perfect opportunity for you.

We offer full training, at no charge, and unmatched ongoing support in training, behavior, and business development.

Dog Training School

The education process for trainers includes hundreds of hours of book work, as well as time spent learning the tricks of the trade from the founder of Canine Trade Group, John Van Olden. During the hands-on portion of the program, you’ll get to put everything you’ve read about into practice by helping turn “untrainable” rescue dogs—and even some family pets!—into model dog citizens.

Dog Training Certification

In order to achieve a dog training certification and inclusion in the Canine Trade Group network, you must be willing to commit your time and energy to the certification program, and you must be willing to help dogs fit in to their families’ lifestyles, regardless of size, breed, age, or temperament. Not only will you aid in the training of puppies and leash-pullers, but you will also be expected to handle cases involving dogs with severe aggression and destructive separation anxiety.

You will see tears, and you might even shed some of your own. You will experience frustration and helplessness, but if you are truly passionate about dog training, you will succeed! Canine Trade Group is here to help you make this success a reality, and joy and gratitude (and a solid income doing what you love!) will be your reward.

Dog Trainer Career

This can be your first career, your second career, or your fifth career. Age isn’t important. Experience isn’t important. Knowledge of the canine training industry and running your own business is not necessary. All you need is commitment and passion.

Under the Canine Trade Group umbrella, you’ll receive help with all the rest. If you’re accepted into the program, you’ll receive free education. If you complete the program, you’ll receive business consultations and your very own customized website, designed to bring business right to your door. Each website is included in the Canine Trade Group database, and each website has CTG’s seal of approval featured on the homepage.

Right off that bat, potential clients will know you are a reputable trainer that they can trust.

Dog Training and Obedience Business

As a group of trainers that specializes in in-home training, you don’t even need a business location! You only need the confidence and experience that we help you achieve as well as reliable transportation to get to those families in need of your expertise.

If owning your own business, helping people, and spending all day every day with man’s best friend sounds appealing to you, please fill out the form. We’ll get back in touch with you ASAP!


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