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Dog Training Methods: Our Goal Is To Set Your Dog Up For Success!

Our entire approach to dog training is designed to set both you and your dog up for success. Our philosophy is designed around behavior choices. As much as possible, we teach the dog (or teach you to teach your dog) the skills and behaviors required to make good behavior choices. Once both you and your dog are comfortable with these skills, only then do we begin to reinforce your dog’s behavior choices in problematic situations.

We utilize in-home dog training as our training format, as opposed to group classes, boarding and training, etc.

In-home dog training is a guaranteed way to address the two factors that have an incredible amount of influence on your dog’s behavior: your relationship with your dog, and your dog’s lifestyle in his/her home environment. Without addressing these two factors, dog training does not commonly carry forward into the dog’s home, or to other environments.

Regardless of the issues at hand, all of our training programs begin in the dog’s home. In the comfort of your home, your dog will learn all the skills he/she needs to be successful. Once this is achieved, we take our dog training outside of the home. We’ve held lessons in public parks, at public festivals and events, outside dog parks, on busy city streets, on nature trails, etc. Our goal is to expose your dog to distracting environments so that your dog can learn how to make good choices, and you can learn how to guide your dog to good choices regardless of the environment.

Finally, our training is reward-based. This does not mean we rely exclusively on rewards; rather, we approach training in such a way that your dog is set up to be rewarded. He is set up to make good decisions from the get-go, and you are empowered with the knowledge and skills to continue this pattern of interaction. This is not an approach soaked in dominance-theory, where our goal is to teach you how to dominate your dog until he submits (behaves). This is an approach designed around choices – your dog has a choice, and we teach you how to guide him/her to better choices.