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Puppy Training: Book now!


We’ve probably all asked our parents for a puppy at one time or another, only to be reminded that having a puppy is a big responsibility. “Will you feed it, walk it, clean up after it, train it?”

Even as an adult, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to training a new puppy. Those first few months together will set the foundation for your entire relationship, and you want to make sure it starts off on the right foot.

After all, while it’s possible to train a dog at any age, it’s certainly easiest to set ground rules while they’re young.

Every one of Canine Trade Group’s in-home trainers has expertise in the field of puppy training. While group puppy training classes may be effective with helping your new addition learn a few basic obedience commands, getting them acclimated to your home, family, and lifestyle are goals that can really only be achieved with in-home training.

There are universal puppy training goals that every Canine Trade Group trainer knows to focus on, like basic obedience, house training, and leash manners. But as with all of our training programs, one of the perks of having a certified, experienced trainer in your home, giving one-on-one attention to your puppy, is that the program can be customized to address any other unique concerns you may have.

Maybe your puppy is growling and refusing to drop toys. Maybe they’re picking on another animal in the home. Maybe they’re too scared to come out from under the bed.

Whatever the situation, a Canine Trade Group trainer can help.


The first step in puppy training is, of course, introducing your puppy to their new environment. You’ll need to help them get used to your home and set some ground rules. You’ll choose where they eat, where they sleep, and where they use the bathroom.

Do you need to make sure they won’t go after another pet’s food? That they won’t beg for scraps at the table? Are you okay if they sleep in the bed with you or would you rather they stay in their own bed? Do you plan to use puppy pads, take them for walks, or let them out in the yard to eliminate?

You get to decide, and Canine Trade Group trainers can teach you how to enforce these boundaries using our time-tested and reward-based techniques.

Other things you may need to take into consideration before bringing your new puppy home include:

Are there other pets in the home? Are you concerned about how they might react to a new animal in their territory?

Canine Trade Group trainers are well-versed in helping to prevent issues like sibling rivalry, food aggression, and territorial marking.

Do have young children in the home?

Children can learn the proper way to interact with a new puppy while the puppy learns how to interact properly with them. Our trainers can help your puppy remain calm and controlled, even if they get the occasional toddler finger shoved up their nose.

Do you have other concerns we haven’t addressed here? Let’s talk about it. Give us a call or send us an email.


Basic obedience training is the foundation for all of our in-home programs, and puppy training is no exception. Basic obedience commands are of the utmost importance because they are the most common way you’re going to communicate with your dog.

On a daily basis, you’ll be giving your dog directions like sit, stay, heel, come, drop it, and lay down. And we can make sure you use these commands as effectively as possible!

During basic obedience training, you will get to take center stage and establish your role as leader of the pack. This is where your puppy will bond with you, begin to understand your expectations, and learn to trust you.

As an extension to basic obedience training, your personal dog trainer will also ensure your puppy doesn’t forget their manners when they’re in a more social environment—like at a dog park, pet-friendly store, or while walking on the leash.

These skills can also help you tackle any unexpected behavioral problems that may pop up in the future, as the dog gets older. Maybe they’ll start to get a little territorial, chew on some things, pee where they aren’t supposed to. Your puppy’s basic obedience training will give you the tools you need to rein in your dog’s behavior and get your household back under control.

Dogs thrive on structure and consistency, and basic obedience training, along with a reliable routine, will keep your puppy feeling happy and confident in their new home.


The number one reason our trainers are asked to meet with the proud owners of a new puppy: puppy potty training.

Nothing will shatter the euphoria that comes from adopting a new puppy faster than the smell of dog pee. Puppies will often urinate when excited, scared, or for no apparent reason at all. Even if they’ve just been outside!

Rest assured that our trainers can handle even the leakiest puppy. We’ll work to find the solution that suits you and your household best—another perk that comes with having a commitment-based trainer coming to your home rather than trying to help you over the phone or at a secondary location.

Whether your ideal situation involves puppy pads, a doggy door, or simply a potty schedule you’d like your dog to follow, it can be done! That’s right—you can have your dog on a potty schedule. Dog bladders are designed differently than ours, so you don’t have to wait for your dog to scratch at the door. You can decide when your dog pees and poops!

Call us today, and we’ll have those puppy puddles disappearing faster than you can say “What did I just step in?”




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