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New Dog Training Program at CTG – Cribs & Canines!

One of the biggest life decisions a person can make is bringing a new family member into the home. Similar to bringing a new baby into the home, great responsibility comes with adopting a new dog. Since becoming a professional dog trainer, I have received many client inquiries about training a dog to behave around children, as some clients are looking to expand their family further. Some of them are just planning ahead, while others are already on their pregnancy path, and are concerned about the adjustment their dog will soon have to make.

When clients sign up for training, it is always stressed that consistency is crucial, as inconsistency is the major cause of anxiety within a dog. Consequently, that anxiety will then create behavioral issues. While everything might be okay, there is still always the possible risk that a new baby could cause inconsistencies within the home and stir problematic behavior within a dog. Many dog owners have already seen it with adopting another dog or other pet. Whether it is a new cat or an infant, this lifestyle change can deeply affect the dog.

One of the trickiest things about a new baby situation is that while I could probably have a dog behave around neighborhood kids, or small children playing in the park, it does not mean the dog will be perfect around the family newborn. Unlike the boy or girl next door, the new baby is the family, is in the home constantly and part of every day life now. The owners attention is now more divided, mostly focused on the baby and away from the dog. There could be a dramatic behavioral shift with the dog in this scenario. Even the friendliest dog who knows all their commands could still struggle with this new family addition, and in some cases, these dogs could respond poorly, ranging from anxiety to even aggression.

However, there are solutions! The Cribs and Canines program is geared toward dog owners who are also expectant parents (or existing parents with young children). We will address any obedience problems, such as nipping, jumping, no recall, etc. Along with this, we will set the dog up for success and prepare it for the new baby. Besides teaching specific skills, like how to walk calmly with the stroller, we are teaching the new parents to create a consistent environment for the dog before the baby arrives, and to maintain that environment/mindset when the baby comes home.

There’s no need to introduce tapes of baby sounds or put things in the dog’s bed that smell like the baby—through the Cribs and Canine program, the dog will soon feel as if the baby has been their the whole time. Our goal is make the transition as smooth as possible for the parents, baby, and the dog! Through this program, parents/dog owners can secure a safe, anxiety-free life for their family!