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Dog TrainingWith so many dog training techniques and programs to sift through, how can you be sure you’re choosing the best fit for your family? Finding the right trainer for your dog can feel overwhelming.

Canine Trade Group has taken the guesswork out of the process by placing a network of experienced and certified dog trainers at your fingertips.

You don’t need to visit a random search engine and type in “dog trainer near me” because chances are there is a Canine Trade Group School graduate in your area. In order to receive certification, graduates must spend over one hundred hours studying canine psychology, history, and training methodology, as well as commit to training “hopeless” rescue dogs as part of their field experience.

Our specialty is in-home dog training, which is ideal for difficult cases like aggression, fear, anxiety, excessive behaviors, sibling rivalry, leash reactivity, poor recall, territorial behavior, and more. We also offer special in-home puppy training programs and even a program to help your pet adjust when you have a new baby on the way.

Dog obedience training and mild behavior problems will be addressed during any in-home program, but many of our trainers also offer group classes for basic obedience.

Whatever your need, there’s a Canine Trade Group program that’s right for you!

We truly believe no dog is beyond help. You will never hear about one of our trainers turning a dog away because of breed, size, age, or history. We train big dogs, small dogs, pit bulls, aggressive dogs, and rescue dogs.

We never judge; we just want to help keep families together—furry members included!

The perfect dog exists, and chances are they’re in your home right now, chewing your shoes and peeing on your carpet. Let Canine Trade Group help you bring out the best in your dog with a reward-based program that has been changing the lives of dogs and dog owners for thirty years.


In Home Dog Training and private classesWhy does a dog trainer need to come to my house? Can’t I just meet them at the park or something? And do I really need to be there?

We get these questions all the time, but in-home training with owner involvement remains the most effective way to beat bad dog behavior. Typically, dogs who act out are reacting to something in their environment, so it just makes sense for them to receive training in that same environment.

A Canine Trade Group trainer can come to your home, identify behavioral triggers, and create a plan designed specifically to target your dog’s trouble areas.

In-home training also allows you to stay involved in every step of the training process, which is essential to a successful outcome. After all, your trainer isn’t moving in with you. You’ll need to know how to keep your dog’s training consistent even when your trainer isn’t there.

At the end of the day, you want your dog to listen to you, to trust and respect you—not some stranger who will only be in their life for a short time.

While other forms of training can be effective for some behavioral problems, aggression, anxiety, and any major behavioral concern is best addressed on familiar ground.

So what exactly can you expect when a Canine Trade Group trainer knocks on your door?

  1. A no-obligation consultation, during which a trainer will meet you and your dog in person and observe your dog’s behavior.
  2. A customized training plan that, if you commit to, will focus on improving communication and trust between you and your pet, as well as establish boundaries.
  3. Real-world application. After you feel confident that your dog will obey commands within your home, we’ll move to more public areas to ensure that the training sticks even when your dog is out of their element.
  4. Commitment-based training. You will never pay more than one flat fee. Our trainers don’t charge by the hour or day—they charge by the job. That means no unexpected fees and a trainer that’s motivated to work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our in-home training programs work, and the skills you and your dog learn throughout the process will last a lifetime.


Group ClassesDo you want all of the knowledge that a Canine Trade Group trainer brings to the table for less money and a shorter time commitment? Are your dog’s behavioral issues relatively mild? Do you want your dog to sit, stay, heel, and come when you call?

If you answered yes to these questions, group training may be the right choice for you!

Again, all trainers are educated and certified through Canine Trade Group, which means you can feel confident that when the group training classes are finished you and your dog will have a stronger relationship, and your dog will, of course, obey basic obedience commands.

Group training is not recommended for severe behavioral problems like aggression and anxiety or for behavioral problems that typically present themselves at home (i.e. failure to house train, excessive chewing, and territorial behavior). To solve these problems, in-home training is the more effective option.

However, group training can be extremely helpful in the areas of socialization, basic obedience, and even curing some issues like leash reactivity.

Take the first step to communicating more effectively with your dog by signing up for a group class today!


Board and train programs aren’t currently offered by Canine Trade Group.

Board and train programs rarely prove effective because they take two very important elements out of a dog’s training: the owner and the home environment.

With in-home training, we can work through your dog’s everyday behavioral triggers in their normal environment, and you remain a vital part of the process.

Sending a dog away for a week or two and then expecting them to act differently when they come home is typically just setting them up for failure.

At Canine Trade Group, we believe in helping the dog and the owner learn and evolve at the same time—making their bond stronger than ever in the process.




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