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What could be better than a guarantee?! Dog training guarantees are all the rage lately. Don’t get too excited… guaranteeing the behavior of an animal is almost as silly as guaranteeing the emotions of a person! Usually dog training guarantees come with fine print – they can guarantee they’ll teach you the skills you need to guarantee your dog’s behavior, but they don’t guarantee the dog, for starters.

Bummer, right?

Nope – I’ve got something better than a dog training guarantee! How about a dog behavior insurance policy? When you work with a Canine Trade Group trainer, that’s essentially what you’re getting.

dog behavior guarantee Our training protocol is designed to empower you, the dog’s owner and the most influential person in his life, to control and shape your dog’s behavior in any context. We teach you the tools and understanding to properly communicate with your dog, including breaking through heightened states of distraction, and reinforcing his behavior decisions.

Our dog training philosophy emphasizes setting your dog up for success at every stage of training. This involves putting your dog in a position where he’s most likely to make a good behavior choice. Throughout training, you’ll be learning this strategy too so that you know how to prompt your dog for the best expression of his/her behavior even after training is completed. With this strategy in your back pocket, your dog is most likely to behave appropriately for you in any situation!

You’ll come out of training understanding exactly what influences your dog’s behavior, what role you play in the equation, and how to handle your dog in any context. So, part of the “insurance policy” we offer is giving you the confidence and skills to handle your dog’s behavior problems on you own, so that you aren’t left in need of help again in the future.

That’s not where it ends, however. Once we start working together, we promise to be there for you in the future, even beyond training. Our goal is literally to be the last dog trainer you ever have to hire! That means we do everything we can to teach you the skills and knowledge to be proficient on your own, but if you ever find yourself in a situation down the road, we are always available to help you troubleshoot this new issue.

Quite literally, when you hire a Canine Trade Group trainer to help change your dog’s behavior, you are hiring a dog trainer for life.

How’s that for a dog behavior insurance policy?

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