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Dog Aggression Training: CALL NOW!


Dog AggressionWe offer dog aggression training if you are at your wit’s end with your dog’s aggressive behavior!

Dog aggression can be frustrating and embarrassing, and it can leave you feeling like you’re out of options—at least out of options that allow the dog to remain a part of your family. We call it aggression replacement training and is necessary to keep everyone in your household safe.

Let one of our capable trainers show you that even the meanest dog can turn their behavior around and earn back your trust by putting them in a training program catered to the home surroundings.

Our trainers have handled every kind of breed and level of dog aggression training. They won’t shy away from Rottweilers, pit bulls, or Chihuahuas. Whether your dog is just growling on occasion or has actually tried to attack a person or another animal, Canine Trade Group can put the leash, and the control, back in your hands.

As with all of our programs, communication is the key. We’ll teach your dog right from wrong and teach you how to effectively enforce the boundaries you wish to set.

An important step in training for aggression is ensuring there is no medical reason for the behavior, so your dog will need clearance from a veterinarian. Like all animals, dogs have been known to react to pain and illness in an aggressive manner.

If you’re certain your dog’s aggression is a behavioral issue, then you can also be sure that one of our in-home, commitment-based trainers will be here for you.


Fear AggressionA common reason for aggressive behavior in dogs is fear. Some dogs show signs of anxiety when they’re afraid; others show signs of aggression. Both are perfectly manageable. You might know your dog’s trigger, or you may need help pinpointing what it is that’s making them react in such a way.

What could be scaring your dog? The answer is anything: children, cars, other pets, loud noises, sudden movements, shiny things. Like people, dogs are entitled to have weird phobias.

During your in-home consultation, your Canine Trade Group trainer will help identify whatever it is that’s triggering your dog’s fight or flight response and design a plan specifically to combat your dog’s unique fears. Together, you and your trainer will build your dog’s confidence, provide structure, and communicate to them that they are safe.

Once they’ve gotten past feeling defensive, they’ll lose the aggressive behaviors.


Food AggressionTerritorial tendencies is another big culprit for aggression in dogs. Food aggression can be lumped into this category as well.

Territorial aggression may occur when a dog is trying to protect their family or themselves. At least, that’s what they think they’re doing. They’re protecting the home from strange people, strange dogs, strange delivery trucks. They’re communicating that this is their home, their people live here, and everyone else is a threat.

Our trainers will teach you how to communicate to your dog that protecting the home simply isn’t their job. You’re the alpha, in a manner of speaking, and you’ve got everything under control.

If your dog isn’t concerned about the household, they may simply be concerned about what they view as belonging directly to them: their food, their toys, their spot on the couch. And God help whoever or whatever tries to take what’s theirs.

This is where food aggression fits in. If you’re in the throes of dealing with a dog who tries to snap at you for reaching for the dog dish, it may be hard to believe that there are dog owners who can pick food out of their dog’s bowls while they’re eating. It may be even harder to believe that your dog could be one of them.

With the right guidance, they can.

One of our trainers will help you establish yourself as the leader in your dog’s eyes. Right now, your dog has the mindset of “this is mine”. They need to have the mindset of “this belongs to my human and they’re letting me have it”.

Essentially, our trainers will help you communicate the old adage: My house, my rules.


Dog Aggression to ChildrenFear aggression or territorial aggression is usually at the root of a dog’s aggression towards children. Either they’re afraid of the tiny squealing human who wants to stick their fingers in their ears, or they want to know why their owners are suddenly paying more attention to the tiny squealing human than they are to their dog.

To prevent aggression towards children, our trainers offer a Cribs & Canines program to help prepare your dog for the arrival of a child. Things like differentiating between children’s toys and dog toys, as well as making sure your dog will reliably obey commands, can be extremely beneficial.

However, if that wasn’t on your radar before the baby arrived and now there’s conflict, we can still bring harmony to your home. Our trainers will help your dog adjust to life with a child, no matter the dog’s age or the child’s age, by teaching them obedience commands and giving them a safe space to retreat to when they feel overwhelmed. After meeting your dog and getting to know them, your personal trainer can recommend other beneficial techniques as well.

You can keep your dog, and your dog can learn to be perfectly content around children. They just need the right kind of training, and that’s where we come in.


Dog AggressiveIt’s common for dogs to show signs of aggression towards their canine siblings. This could be due to fear, territorial tendencies, or simply because they’re vying for dominance. Many dogs have the instinct to be in charge, so they’ll lash out at other dogs or animals in the household in a bid to show them who’s boss.

But neither of them are the boss. You are.

At the root of all of our training programs is the desire to create effective communication between owners and their dogs. We can help you reach your dog, which will help you calm your dog.

Aggression, no matter why it occurs, is not to be taken lightly. The right trainer can mean the difference between keeping your dog in your home and breaking up the family.

Canine Trade Group has the right trainer for you, local to you, and they’ll help you get your dog’s aggression under control.




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