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Do you guarantee your dog training results?

This is a question we receive often, and the answer is complicated.

No, we do not guarantee results in our dog training programs.  We do, however, promise to make a commitment to achieve the training goals we both set during the initial behavior consultation, as long as you follow through with our instructions.

When people ask me about guaranteeing the outcome of dog training, I often draw this analogy:

Suppose you hire a personal fitness trainer at the gym, and during the first appointment Offering a guarantee on dog training services, is like offering a guarantee of weight loss by a personal tell her your goal is to lose 25 lbs.   She tells you she can help you, but in addition to meeting with her once a week at the gym, you have to follow through with a recommended diet and exercise plan between appointments.   Then suppose you go to the gym once a week to meet with your trainer, but you eat a quart of ice cream before bed every night, and instead of losing weight, you gain weight.  It wouldn’t be fair to blame the trainer for your weight gain, would it?

Because we are so dependent on clients following through with our training recommendations, I personally feel it would be unethical for us to guarantee outcomes, but here are the promises we do make when working with new clients:

  1. We will never start a training program without doing an extremely comprehensive behavior consultation, during which we’ll meet your dog in his/her home environment and assess his/her temperament and personality.
  2. Once we’ve met your dog, we’ll sit down with you and talk at length about your concerns and training goals.
  3. We’ll use our vast knowledge of canine behavior to find and explain the root cause of your pet’s problems.
  4. We’ll explain exactly how we plan to tackle these issues—the training process, techniques and approaches we think would work best, and what your daily commitment to the training would look like.   We’ll take the time to learn about you and your lifestyle and take this into account when designing your unique plan to make success as likely as possible.
  5. We will let you know exactly what we expect the outcome of the training to be if the plan is followed. If you commit to working with us and following through, we will commit to working with you and doing whatever it takes until we achieve this outcome.

But just as your personal fitness trainer can’t come to your house, put a lock on your refrigerator, and get you to the gym each morning, we can’t move into your house and make sure you follow through with our suggestions.   We follow up with you at regular training appointments, and we always make ourselves available for emails and phone calls between appointments, to help you stay on track.

Dog training is only as good as the dog trainer and owner's commitmentWe stand behind our training 100%, and we are always willing to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations to help them have a happy, behaviorally-healthy dog for life.

We often work with clients who have had other trainers before us, and more often than not, we are able to achieve dramatic results after just one training session.    Our balanced, reward-based training protocol, which focuses on setting you and your dog up for success, has been practiced for over 26 years, and has helped dogs achieve positive, lasting behavioral change in tens of thousands of dogs.  (Please view our dog training video testimonials!)

I’m confident we can help your dog too!

Please call us anytime to talk about your dog’s behavior.  We can be reached at 800.649.7297.