Boston, MA

Canine Trade Group is a network of reward-based, dog trainers, dedicated to the highest standard of professional conduct.  We are results, rather than ideologically, driven, and are willing to employ any humane, acceptable training technique to help our valued clients achieve their training goals with their dogs.

Canine Trade Group trainers are among the most talented and versatile trainers in the United States.  They undergo one of the most extensive and comprehensive training programs available, and are expected to maintain their education throughout their careers.  Our trainer’s possess knowledge and ability that far exceed the standards of any of the various, non-universally accepted certification programs that are currently available in  our industry

New York, NY

Canine Trade Group dog trainers encourage the use of positive reinforcement in dog training, and strive to minimize the use of aversive training techniques.   Because the success of any dog training program depends on the follow through of our clients, (a contingency we can’t control) we refrain from offering guarantees on the outcome of training, however we commit to working with our clients who do follow our instructions, until all of our training goals are met.

Before committing to working with a clients, we will always explain all behavior issues, their causes, and a plan of resolution in a way that our clients can easily understand.   In all cases, before commencement of any training

Chicago, IL

program, we will first meet with our clients and assess their dog’s temperament, and take the time to learn about  any environmental or situational factors involved in the dog’s life that could impact training, both negatively and positively.

Canine Trade Group trainers will always detail a customized training program that is tailored to your dog’s individual temperament and personality, as well as our client’s schedule and environment, before beginning training.  We always involve our clients when formulating a training program and value                                                    and welcome their feedback.

SF Bay Area, CA

Canine Trade Group trainers remain committed to our client’s long-term success and remain available for questions and follow up, even after the training process is completed.

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