New Dog Training Program at CTG – Cribs & Canines!

New Dog Training Program at CTG – Cribs & Canines! One of the biggest life decisions a person can make is bringing a new family member into the home. Similar to bringing a new baby into the home, great responsibility comes with adopting a new dog. Since becoming a professional dog trainer, I have received … Continued

Quality vs. Quantity: Breaking Down the Price of Dog Training

Quality vs. Quantity: Breaking Down the Price of Dog Training “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten”  – Benjamin Franklin Each day at our office, we receive dozens of phone calls from concerned dog owners looking for help with dog training. Many of these dog owners were referred … Continued

The Dangers of Too Much Information

The Dangers of Too Much Information By: John Van Olden Every dog owner wants to make sure they are completely educated and that they understand how to take care of their dog. It could be about knowing what types of foods not to feed dogs, how to break up dog fights, or finding the correct … Continued

The Importance of Finding a Reputable Breeder

The Importance of Finding a Reputable Breeder By: Cristin Nataro and Christina Dore  With adopting dogs, many people’s first instinct is to always encourage shelter dogs. Many shelters and rescues have an overflow of animals and desperately are always looking for fosters or owners to take in some of these orphans. Still, there are some … Continued

Dog Training Should Be About Decisions, Not Dominance

There is a widespread misconception that there are only two ways to train a dog – either all-positive “treat training,” or dominance-based “punishment” training.  This is a view that is held by many professionals in the pet industry, including many dog trainers; however, this black and white view of dog training could not be more … Continued

How About A Dog Behavior Insurance Policy?

What could be better than a guarantee?! Dog training guarantees are all the rage lately. Don’t get too excited… guaranteeing the behavior of an animal is almost as silly as guaranteeing the emotions of a person! Usually dog training guarantees come with fine print – they can guarantee they’ll teach you the skills you need … Continued

Socialization vs. Desensitization

One of the trainers in our network has a dog in training right now who, at about 6 months old, began to growl, bark and lunge at strangers while out on the leash. This behavior continued to escalate in intensity, and also spread to include reacting to other dogs as well. Two months later, it became … Continued

Do you Guarantee your Dog Training Results?

Do you guarantee your dog training results? This is a question we receive often, and the answer is complicated. No, we do not guarantee results in our dog training programs.  We do, however, promise to make a commitment to achieve the training goals we both set during the initial behavior consultation, as long as you … Continued

The Value of the initial Dog Behavior Consultation to a Dog Training Program

In my 26-year career as a dog trainer, I have always found value in the initial dog behavior consultation. A solid dog training program should always begin with an initial dog behavior consultation.   This is not necessarily a dog training session, though the trainer may handle your dog during the consultation. Rather, it’s an … Continued

Following Through with Rescue Dog Training

Follow Through With Rescue Dog Training Professional dog trainers are often pressured to contribute our services to rescue dogs in need. This is usually something we’re happy to do. I work with a network of professional dog trainers, and we’re each proud to work with local rescues. In fact, volunteering with rescues and local shelters … Continued